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Manuscript - Submission & Processing

International Journal of Integrative sciences, Innovation and Technology (IJIIT) is a bimonthly International peer-reviewed journal and invites original Mini-reviews, Short communication, tutorials, original research articles and review articles from researchers in all branches of science, biosciences and allied bio-sciences.

Book reviews: Books for review should be sent to the Editors. 

Conference announcements and news: These should be sent to the Editors.

Publishing of articles is subject to selection and approval by Editorial members after rigorous peer-review. Manuscripts should be submitted ONLINE ONLY along with Copyright and authorization form (MANDATORY) and also, undertaking statement of the animal study conduction in accordance of the relevant ethical committee (if applicable) to Authors are requested to check the quality of their manuscript through anti-plagiarism software available online. Galley proofs of the selected/ approved manuscripts will be sent to corresponding author?s mail.   Authors may submit the articles only to

Authors are advised to submit the articles with the copyright form duly signed, scanned and attached.

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Formatted Manuscripts may be sent by email in MS-Word form to the Editor at


Reviews will be highly professional and objective, maintaining rigorous peer review process. Each article will be subjected to a minimum of two reviews by two individual reviewers. If their decision varies the article will be sent to a third reviewer and the editors? decision is final. Reviewers will be insisted to review the paper within 15 days time and if he/ she fail to do so, the manuscript will be sent to other reviewers for review. All authors are requested to provide at least three reviewers who can review their paper to speed up the process along with the copyright form.

The review process includes the following points of concern.

  • Useful suggestion for improvement of the manuscript and research.
  • Suggestion for acceptance, revision or rejection. If an author appeals against a Review Decision, the author needs to communicate to the Editors, which will be forwarded to the Reviewer for reconsideration on the grounds presented by the Authors.
  • Suspected misconduct by authors will be notified to the Editors in confidence and will not be shared with others.

Ethical principles for medical research involving human or animal subjects can be read for information on this subject. If appropriate Ethics Committee Approvals are required, then the authors should obtain necessary approvals, and submit a copy as last page in the manuscript. If Institutional Ethics Committees are not available or present, then recognized Local Ethics Committee approvals need to be submitted. Informed Consent (wherever required) need to be presented as scanned copy. The authenticity of the submitted Ethics Committee Approval or Informed Consent rests with the Author(s). Any points not discussed here may be referred from

Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of interest must be declared by authors upon submission of the manuscript.

Paper acceptance

Final decision on acceptance of the paper is with the editorial team and promotion in any form will disqualify even qualified papers. Selected papers will be put in queue for publication. Once the article is published, author will get a confirmation mail from the corresponding editor. Provisional pdf will be uploaded in the journal page. The provisional pdf status will be removed only after receiving duly filled registration and copyright transfer forms. In no case articles having more than 5 authors will be considered unless justification is provided for the work done by the concerned authors in the research done. Review articles are permitted only with 2 authors, if more than 2 authors had completed a review work which is submitted for publication they are requested to submit a detailed report about the contribution of each author in the review work.


Authors are instructed to send a copyright form attached with article while submission.  

Publishing method

All articles accepted for publication will be published only online, as the journal is an online journal. Authors are free to download their papers at any time; no reprints or any other format of accepted article will be provided. Initially provisional pdf will be uploaded in the journal pages, which will be converted as full paper upon receipt of registration and copyright forms duly filled and signed.

Benefit to Authors

By publishing in IJIIT authors get the following benefits

  • Open access, all articles published is openly accessible for authors and viewers.
  • Wide publicity and reach by getting indexed in many free indexing services.
  • Rapid publication.
  • Excellent editorial standards which will improve the quality of your work

Author Biography

Authors now have the option to publish a biography together with the paper, with information such as qualification, past and present positions, research interests, awards, etc. This increases the profile of the authors and is well received by international readers. Author biography can be added to the end of paper, in a section heading "Author biography".

Important Notes / Disclaimer 

As IJIIT aims to provide a rapid publishing platform, each and every point is vital to reduce the editorial work flow. Authors are instructed to follow the author guidelines strictly without which the article may not be accepted for publication. Authors are advised to check the guidelines before submitting the article for publication.

Permission from the copyright owner(s) of reproduced tables and illustrations must be obtained and a copy of the permission letter submitted to the Editor along with the manuscript, on acceptance. The source must be clearly acknowledged under the table or the illustration. Copying text, photographs, tables or graphics from any source and using it as ones own is considered plagiarism whether or not a reference to the copied portion is given.

No responsibility is assumed by IJIIT for any use of operation of any methods, products, instructions or ideas contained in the published material of our journal. We only publish. It is the responsibility of the author to ensure genuineness of their work.


A Peer Review E-3 Journal of Science Innovation Technology

Section A – Basic Sciences

Section B –Applied and Technological Sciences

Section C – Allied Sciences and Management


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IJIIT is indexed in Info Base Index, GIF, Cosmos Foundation, Index Copernicus, Google Scholar and New Jour. Currently being processed for indexing in databases like Indian Citation Index, DOAJ, Open J-Gate and CAS. Planning to register in Pub Med, Ebsco and many more.